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The main focus of our work is mentoring the customer during the project. Aac-concept GmbH consults each client about the solution of his individual problems, using the extensive knowledge concern-ing aerated concrete and all the building materials in white colour.

Aac-concept GmbH takes over the entire consultation of our cus-tomers already when planning the plants. We facilitate you with the choice of possible suppliers and create an analysis of possible sup-pliers. 

We take over preliminary talks with the suppliers for you and we are the partner at your side to close the contract. We also supervise and advise you about the necessary agreements between the separate partitions of a project, for example:

•    The choice of site
•    Licence on the spot
•    building measures
•    check of raw materials (sand, cement, lime, gypsum (anhy-dride))
•    electrical power supply
•    supply and analysis of water
•    energy supplies
•    assortment of appropriate raw material suppliers
•    assistance when marketing the product
•    training of the production staff
•    training of the sales staff

We also supervise the assembly planning, assembly monitoring and the commissioning untill hand-over to the customers. Thus we relieve our customers of detailed planning, since we are professionals with many years of experience in this kind of work.