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aac-concept GmbH

Aac concept GmbH stands for innovative solutions and construc-tions for plants of white building materials: aerated concrete and lime sandstone.

The name aac concept GmbH itself makes clear that there is one thing to the point here: Aerated concrete - in other countries it is also known as porobeton, gas concrete, light weight concrete or AAC (autoclaved aerated concrete).The whole team of the aac-concept GmbH can fall back on a broad know-how when working with well-known aerated concrete manufacturers around the globe and espe-cially with the manufacturers from Germany.

Because of its specialization in fabrication and engineering of aer-ated concrete manufacturing plants, aac-concept GmbH knows all the production processes.
Our product program consists of planning and building complete factory equipment and also reconstructions and extensions of already existing production lines.

We develop and produce both single constructions and the com-plete “turn key” factory equipment. If necessary, the customer set the remaining systems on the spot with our aid. Moreover, we do layout planning, assembly management and naturally also the commissioning of the factories and systems on the premises of the customer.

Our basic ideas when planning and developing the machines and the plants are recipe improvement and efficiency-increasing invest-ments.